Labour’s Shire Problem

One of the most striking sights when looking at the electoral map of the UK today is the almost entire absence of red within the sea of blue countryside of rural England. Of course, this deficit of rural support is not exactly news – in 2015, Labour won just 7%... read more

We Call on you to Vote Labour, and to do so with Pride

Theresa May has this morning called a general election, to be held on June 8th. The Tories are expected to make significant gains and possibly to alter the British political landscape in their favour for a generation. Make no mistake: if this comes to pass, it will be... read more

Reasonable Labour Members Need To Pick A Side

There’s a great big hole where the centre of the Labour Party should be. By the centre, I mean the stretch of political territory where the majority of members would find themselves in ordinary times. These are, of course, not ordinary times, but I retain the... read more