Blue Labour, Social Democracy And Modernity

Editor’s Note: Alongside Ryan Maynes’s piece about Labour’s need to re-connect with working-class communities, this is a seminal, extraordinarily good Labour Vision piece. Chuka Umunna writes about ‘the political salience of culture and belonging’.... read more

Over 100 Policies Towards A New Labour Vision

Recently I put out a Facebook status asking Labour members and supporters to suggest the policies they would ideally like the Labour Party to adopt. This was a casual request, driven by a more serious instinct – that Labour’s revival requires new thinking from people... read more

In Defence Of Prevent

Local authorities, schools, colleges and other public bodies all have a pivotal role in preventing some of our citizens from being drawn into ‘’extremist activities’’ and terrorism under the government’s Prevent and Contest agenda. The Prevent ‘duty’ for all state... read more

In Defence Of London

Terrorism struck London again this week. A year on from the horrific killings in Brussels, terrorists inspired by fanatic dogma brought bloodshed to the capital’s streets. Four people dead and an attack on British democracy itself. How do you account for someone with... read more

We Must Stop Pulling Our Punches About The Past

Editor’s Note: This piece was submitted prior to the attack on British democracy yesterday. Labour Vision took the decision to suspend posting further articles for the remainder of the day, following the murder of British citizens at the heart of our democracy.... read more

Have We Really Forgotten All About Militant?

First published in 1984, ‘Militant’ was widely praised as a masterpiece of investigative journalism. In the updated version, Michael Crick of Channel 4 news, explores the origins, organisation and aims of the sinister Militant Tendency which appeared on the political... read more

What Now For Labour In Wales?

In the week of Welsh Labour conference a shocking new poll casts a harsh light on Labour’s hegemony in Welsh political life. This weekend in Llandudno (Don’t worry, if you are not Welsh you are forgiven for not being able to pronounce that, but if you are lucky I will... read more

Welcome To Momentum: Militant With Lattes

Editor’s Note: I would go far further than Stephen does here. Membership with a far-left organisation like Momentum, whose ambition is to take over the Labour Party and re-fashion it as a far-left vehicle, is not compatible with membership of the Labour Party.... read more

Rebuilding Labour: The Basingstoke Way

Yesterday I headed down to Basingstoke to meet with my good friend, Cllr Paul Harvey, and learn about the local Labour party’s ten-year rebuilding project. When he’s not teaching tomorrow’s tacticians about military strategy, Paul is the Labour group... read more

Five Challenges For Gordon’s Third Way

Today Gordon Brown has attempted to navigate the binary choice of Whitehall rule or nationalist separation by calling for a third way for Scotland’s future. In advocating home rule, Brown has reignited arguments over whether the way to save the Union is through fully... read more