Labour is Failing Generation Y

Labour’s historic purpose has always been to defend and advance the interests of the poorest and most vulnerable people in our society. Right now, however, the party – and our whole society – is failing 13.8 million people who are all but sure to... read more

The Corbyn Delusion is Over

Copeland. Losing a Labour seat to the Tories at a time when they are destroying the NHS and in chaos over Brexit is a disaster. The Tories have increased their majority over Labour by one today. Labour should not be losing seats to the Tories at this stage, we should... read more

Out in the Cold: The LGBT Homelessness Crisis

This piece was originally posted on LCEH’s website here. LGBT Labour recently voted to affiliate to The Labour Campaign To End Homelessness. Here, LGBT Labour National Committee member and North West Chair Chris Wills explains the importance of the two... read more

The Silent Scream of a Frustrated Socialist

I feel duty-bound at this stage to admit that I voted for Jeremy Corbyn. Twice. There are few things I regret more. I can name only a few experiences which in hindsight make me more upset with myself. Not writing my Grandfather’s last birthday card, smoking my first... read more

What is the point of Open Labour?

What stops Open Labour becoming another Judean People’s Front? We have Momentum, Progress, Labour First, Labour Together, Labour for the Common Good, Tribune and others. The one thing all these groups share is that they seem to be defined at the moment by their... read more

Labour Vision interviews Ben Butterworth

I had the pleasure of spending the Valentine’s Evening interviewing Ben Butterworth, who has recently finished his term as Chair of London Young Labour (LYL). Ben is a journalist at Pink News and has a wealth of media and political experience. I wanted to hear... read more