The case for free movement of people

Free movement is not only for the metropolitan elite. It is not the reserve of university students spending a year larking about, or bankers working for their FTSE 100 company in their Paris branch or spending a weekend a month in Marseille. It is for every citizen of... read more

Dana Mills says: “Me too.”

The revelation of the extent of Harvey Weinstein’s odious abuse of power is taking up much space and attention in all forms of media. Many women are now speaking up about the extent and insidious nature of sexual assault and harassment in all walks of life. But one... read more

What sort of nationalisation should Labour be for?

There is a range of thought when it comes to nationalisation. There are some who hate it and think that everything should be in the private sector, that competition provides best value. This is somewhat true, but there are too many examples where the value used is... read more

Tommy Robinson does not speak for British patriots

Yesterday the British press publicised the news that Tommy Robinson, the founder of the far-right group English Defense League, will be speaking at the prestigious Columbia University, New York City. Robinson will talk about “the fall of Europe – mass... read more