Understand this: anti-Zionism IS antisemitism

“Zionism is racism and is somehow comparable to Nazism.” How often have we read that online? People assuming that Zionism is pure evil, without even knowing what Zionism really is and the political context in which it is born. But let’s take the argument seriously and... read more

How one Labour council is beating the housing crisis

By Cllrs Jane Streather and Stephen Lambert There are few things in life more important than a safe, secure and warm home to live in. That’s why it’s vital to remember that the reported ‘’housing crisis’’ isn’t just about homes – it’s about people. People who, in some... read more

We need social housing for the many not the few

Nationally in the UK only 7% of households live in a council house or flat. In the north east of England about a fifth of people live in council housing with an additional 11% in social housing provided by housing associations. In the 1960s it was over a half. Yet... read more

Are modern apprenticeships working?

LAST AUTUMN the Government launched its industrial strategy, with new look apprenticeships, at Gateshead College in the north of England. The then skills minster, Robert Halfon, announced an extra £170m funding for Institutes of Technology, which could involve an... read more

Join the English Labour Network team

Are you a Labour Party activist with an interest in the politics of England and Englishness? We’re looking for an Interim Co-ordinator to join the English Labour Network team in 2018. The successful candidate will be driving a number of exciting projects including our... read more

Boris Johnson: the man who hated Britain

It was once said of Winston Churchill that his rhetoric only matched the level of events when the Second World War arrived. His soaring oratory was precisely what was needed when British oblivion seemed imminent. Once the War was ended, the great war leader was... read more

Is Corbynism the new centre ground?

Which of the following two statements do you believe to be true? Centrism and social democracy are now dead. They have failed miserably in Europe and North America and people are crying out for a radical alternative. The rise of Corbynism is a living demonstration of... read more