Why Class Still Matters Most of All

It’s becoming blatantly clear that social class or socio-economic status and not gender or ethnicity, is the key factor whether a child does well or badly at school across the North-East. The higher the class (measured by wealth or job) of parents, the more successful... read more

What can Labour learn from Macron’s Victory?

For some in the Labour Party, victory will always be a dirty word. In the wake of Emmanuel Macron’s emphatic victory over the far right yesterday, I was scarcely surprised to see my Facebook timeline taken up by an array of Labour malcontents whose... read more

It was 1997 and the Tories were on the Run…

It is twenty years since I stood against Sir Ted Heath. I look back with a sense of pride in a seat where Labour’s core vote has now dipped to just over 8,000 for two consecutive elections that I got 18,039 votes, only 3,569 behind the former PM on a 15.2% swing . I... read more