Labour Vision interviews Abi Wilkinson

EDITOR’S NOTE: I am enormously grateful to Will for securing this interview and for supporting Labour Vision passionately since its creation. I am immensely grateful, too, to Abi Wilkinson for agreeing to be interviewed. Enjoy. WBT: First of all, I’d like to... read more

Labour Vision interviews Jonn Elledge … again

In the early days of the 2017 general election campaign, when the Tories were riding high in the polls and apparently on course for a landslide, I sat down with City Metric editor and New Statesman columnist, Jonn Elledge, to discuss what on earth we thought would... read more

Towards a Labour manifesto 2.0

Labour’s 2017 manifesto For the Many, Not the Few will be remembered as one of the most significant in the party’s history, the spark that ignited the remarkable surge in support that denied the Conservatives a majority. It was a classic social democratic programme... read more