Labour Vision provides a space for social democratic thinkers in the U.K. to set out the future for a party of organised labour.

Here we will share ideas about how to redress the growing structural inequality that has driven so many British people to despair and anger. Where possible, we will avoid discussing individuals, and will focus instead on issues. The hour is late, but it is not yet over. There is still time for collectivist, democratic socialist principles to once again become the principles of the British people. On this site, we will do our best to help ensure that social democracy is not consigned to our past.

Sam Stopp

Sam Stopp


Sam Stopp is a Labour councillor in the London Borough of Brent and is the Chair of The Labour Campaign to End Homelessness. He has written regularly for LabourList, LeftFootForward, Progress Online and Open Labour. He tweets @CllrStopp.

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