Good news. Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) has today adopted the Jewish Labour Movement’s proposed rule change to auto-exclude anti-Semites from the Labour Party. This rule change will now be brought forward to Labour Party Conference, which begins this weekend in Brighton.

Reaction to the news, Jewish Labour Movement Chair, Jeremy Newmark, said:

“We are heartened that the NEC has adopted our rule change proposals and will be taking them forward to Party Conference next week.  This is another step forward, however our campaign will not end until these proposals are adopted in full by Conference itself -this is not a given and will require the firm support of the Leadership.  These constitutional amendments, if passed, will simply bring the Labour’s rules to the place that should have been expected from a political party rooted in values of equality and anti-racism.  The proof of the pudding will be in the eating.  That means that if passed at Conference the new rules will need to be firmly implemented to create a zero-tolerance environment for antisemitism and other forms of discrimination. The Party will then need to take steps to rebuild its relationship with the Jewish community.”

It is now vital that the Labour membership votes in favour of the rule change when the opportunity arises next week. Failure to do so would be a great moral tragedy for a party which has invested so much into the moral fibre of the nation.