Many of Labour Vision’s writers and readers will be at Labour Party Conference this week and next to report on a potentially defining gathering of Labour members, elected officials and trade unionists. Full reports will be uploaded as the conference concludes.

Up for discussion will be a number of proposed rule changes, including an attempt by the Left to lower the threshold of MPs needed to nominate a leadership contender.

Also before conference delegates will by the Jewish Labour Movement’s proposal to auto-exclude any member found guilty of anti-Semitism. While this rule change has been backed by the Party’s ruling NEC, its passage through the membership is not guaranteed.

A number of interesting fringes have already taken place today. Saturday marks the start of conference but it is also reserved for Women’s Party Conference. We will be reporting on a number of events, including, but not limited to:


  • Labour First Annual Rally (The Sandringham Suite, Queen’s Hotel, Sunday – 12.30pm)
  • How does Labour win working class voters back from the Tories? (The Western, Sunday – 2pm)
  • Launch of Labour Homelessness Network (Arundel 2, Ground, Holiday Inn, Sunday – 5.30pm)
  • Open Labour conference rally (Conference Room, Community Base, Sunday – 6.30pm)
  • Palestine Solidarity Campaign (Renaissance Suite, Jury’s Inn Waterfront, Sunday – 7pm)
  • Jewish Labour Movement fringe (Sandringham Suite, Queen’s Hotel, Sunday – 7.30pm)
  • Progress reception (British Airways i360 – Sunday, 8pm)
  • Association of Labour Councillors Annual Reception (Cambridge, Hilton Brighton Metropole – 8.30pm)
  • How can investment in national infrastructure help to re-balance the UK economy? (Lancaster, Hilton Brighton Metropole – Monday, 8am)
  • The Times Red Box (London Lounge, The Brighton Centre – Monday, 8am)
  • Trickle-diwn is dead (Avon, Hilton Brighton Metropole – Monday, 12pm)
  • Time to disrupt? An industrial strategy for the digital economy (Clyde, Hilton Brighton Metropole – Monday, 12.30pm)
  • Re-connecting with Labour’s working class (Ashdown 2, Holiday Inn – Monday, 12.30pm)
  • What can the story of East London teach us about regeneration in our communities? (Main Hall, Friends’ Meeting House – Monday, 12.45pm)
  • Is artificial intelligence sexist? (Lancing 1, Holiday Inn – Monday, 1pm)
  • Building communities and developing skills (Youth Zone, The Brighton Centre – Monday, 4.15pm)
  • Our in the cold: tackling LGBT homelessness, with speech from Labour Vision editor, Sam Stopp (Stanmer Room, Brighthelm Centre – 6pm)
  • How Labour councillors are fighting austerity (Hall 7 – Trent, Hilton Brighton Metropole – Tuesday, 1pm)
  • Energy provisions for the 21st Century (Hall 7 – Dee, Hilton Brighton Metropole – Tuesday, 2pm)
  • What would Clem do? (Hall 7 – Clyde, Hilton Brighton Metropole – Tuesday, 5.30pm)
  • Devolution: Metro Mayors and delivering the industrial strategy (New Statesman Hub, British Airways i360 – Tuesday, 6pm)
  • The Fabian Party (OHSO Social, Tuesday – 8pm)
  • Labour Friends of Israel Reception (Balmoral, Hilton Brighton Metropole –  Tuesday 9.30pm)