Now is the moment. Now is the time. At this general election, Labour must commit to ending homelessness.

Say what you like about Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, but he has never shied away from addressing one of the great moral failures of this government: the homelessness crisis.

The soaring homelessness that the Tories have presided over since they returned to power is the ugliest symbol of their vision for Britain: one that is cold, clinical and callous.

For the past two two years, I have chaired The Labour Campaign to End Homelessness (LCEH). The aim of the campaign is in the title. But now we need the Labour Party to adopt our aim.

We have the policies to do it. At the end of last year, LCEH’s Ryan Maynes published our detailed manifesto to end homelessness, which you can read here.

It now falls to the Labour Party to adopt our policies, the substance of which is the result of two years of research and conversations, carried out with housing and homelessness experts and, yes, the homeless.

Jeremy Corbyn has begun this campaign by stressing Labour’s age-old commitment to the many not the few. If you share our belief that the Labour Party is a moral crusade or it is nothing, then join us in calling on Labour to commit to ending homelessness once and for all.

It is now or never.

Sam Stopp

Sam Stopp is a Labour councillor in the London Borough of Brent and is the Chair of The Labour Campaign to End Homelessness. He has written regularly for LabourList, LeftFootForward, Progress Online and Open Labour. He tweets @CllrStopp.