Last week Labour Vision hosted a successful inaugural social. The event brought together many of Labour Vision’s writers and readers in order to discuss the Labour Vision project and the broader future of the Labour Party. Among the attendees were former parliamentary candidates, sitting councillors and hard-working activists.

We will be hosting further such socials over the coming months, and we will also be hosting panel events (which will be recorded for wider distribution), so that we can continue to have open, democratic conversations about the future of our party and our country. We are mindful of the need not to confine ourselves to London, and will endeavour to host socials outside of the Capital where possible.

If you have any suggestions about events you would like to see us host, please email and we will gladly consider them. We are an open forum and, as long as you are a Labour member or supporter, we will happily share and discuss your ideas.

Thank you for your support of this project so far. We look forward to continuing to influence Labour Party discussions in the coming years. Unity and victory will be achieved not through ignoring our differences, but through discussing ways to overcome them.