Last night I had the pleasure of interviewing LabourList writer, Emma Bean, for Labour Vision. Emma is responsible for a lot of the daily emails you probably get from LabourList, as well as editing LabourList content. Basically – she’s pretty key to the LabourList operation.

Moreover, she has very interesting views on a huge range of topics. In order to get the most out of this interview, I decided to focus my question to Emma on three topics: 1) the future of the Labour Party, 2) Zionism and 3) Feminism.

The first two themes are covered in part 1 below, while the section on feminism is covered in part 2.


Part 1 – Zionism and the Labour Party.

Part 2 – Feminism. 

Sam Stopp

Sam Stopp is a Labour councillor in the London Borough of Brent and is the Chair of The Labour Campaign to End Homelessness. He has written regularly for LabourList, LeftFootForward, Progress Online and Open Labour. He tweets @CllrStopp.