SAM STOPP is a name that you may have heard in the past, but it’s highly likely that you have never met him. That’s because, as has been revealed today, he is an invention of a man called Jason Piper, a man who works at Conservative Party HQ and has the job title ‘Opposition Eliminator’. His job description, as leaked to Labour Vision, shows that one of his key responsibilities is to create fake profiles in order to disrupt Labour and undermine Jeremy Corbyn.

Firstly, an apology

At this point, Labour Vision should apologise. You will probably have read articles by ‘Sam Stopp’ on Labour Vision, and we can only apologise for being taken in by Piper’s fake account. We have also been informed that Piper/Stopp has claimed to be the editor of Labour Vision in the past. This has never and will never be the case.

The councillor scam

So, how did Piper manage to pretend to be a Labour councillor and infiltrate the Labour Party for so long? Well, the answer to that question lies partly in our past electoral success. You see, the Labour Party has so many elected councillors in the country, that it is easy for someone to claim to be a councillor and for no one to fact check it. ‘Stopp’ claimed to be a councillor in Brent, but just a quick search of their website shows no results for ‘Sam Stopp’ at all.

You might be shocked by this, but when have you ever checked when someone has told you that they are a councillor?




The photos and meetings

It’s been known in the past for the Conservative Party to try these tactics, but until now, they have only ever been anonymous social media accounts. Every now and then, they will have a stock photo from the internet, but they have never created someone like Sam Stopp before. Stopp is different because he has been seen in person on one occasion. If you were at Labour Party conference this year, you may remember seeing ‘Sam Stopp’ speaking at the Labour List reception.

Labour List has been approached for comment about how they managed to allow a Tory staffer to speak at their reception.








He even got a photo with the leader of the party, who is known for his kind-hearted ways and willingness to pose for photos with members. Jeremy Corbyn’s office gave us the following statement:

“We do not know who Sam Stopp is and Jeremy would never knowingly pose for a photograph with a member of the Conservative Party.”









So, who actually is the person in the photos and at conference? Well, it turns out that this is a minor actor called Liam Shadwell, who works part time as a waiter in an upmarket London hotel.









You may remember him from the short lived Channel 5 reboot of Not the Nine O’clock News in 2007. It ran for just 2 episodes before being cancelled.






The plan

Why would the Tories put so much time and effort into this scam? Well, the answer is quite simple really. Their plan was to use Stopp to foment distrust of Jeremy Corbyn and bring him down. Stopp has quickly risen to be one of the key Blairite agitators and organisers. Just look at the Unite leadership election. Stopp tried to get Blairites to join Unite to vote for Blairite challenger to Len McLuskey, Gerard Coyne.

Momentum got a screen shot of this, but have blurred out Stopp’s name. They probably wish they hadn’t now that he has been uncovered:









But that isn’t the end. Remember the Richmond by-election where Zac Goldsmith resigned and stood as an independent because of Heathrow? Well, the Tories didn’t want to stand a pro-Heathrow candidate against him, so instead they put Sam Stopp forward as a Labour pro-Heathrow candidate. Stopp even made it onto Labour’s longlist, but fortunately that’s where it ended. Can you imagine if he had been our candidate? The NEC need to launch an investigation into this NOW!





So who IS Sam Stopp?

Well, the short answer is that he is a creation of the Tory’s Jason Piper, played by failed actor Liam Shadwell. He was invented to bring down Jeremy Corbyn, but Labour Vision have stopped him before he could do any real damage.

We asked ‘Sam Stopp’ for a comment. Here’s what he had to say:






I think that tells us all we need to know.