Copeland. Losing a Labour seat to the Tories at a time when they are destroying the NHS and in chaos over Brexit is a disaster. The Tories have increased their majority over Labour by one today. Labour should not be losing seats to the Tories at this stage, we should be winning them. This loss makes it abundantly clear that Corbyn cannot win.

Anywhere. Anytime.

Corbyn will cost Labour dozens of seats at the next election. Talking to people who canvassed for Labour in Stoke and Copeland it was clear that the main reason that people were not voting Labour is Corbyn. How do we know this? Because they told us, time and again, very clearly.

Let us also be as brutally honest as the voters were yesterday. Labour only won Stoke because the Ukip leader was exposed as a serial liar.

Corbyn can’t win, because he can’t reach out beyond his fan base. He can’t keep traditional Labour voters on board and he can’t reach out to others who might vote Labour. Since September his opponents in the party have left the stage to him unopposed, he “relaunched” himself at the start of this year, the net result of which has been Labour losing 2 points in the polls against the Tories.

Whist the Labour leadership has attempted to prepare us for defeat with its own “look over there” tactics, attempting to suggest that it is Brexit not Corbyn that is the problem. But, if Labour is to be trusted when it says it is “listening” to the voters then the one thing that is coming through loud and clear is not “Brexit” but “get rid of Corbyn.”

Labour has many problems to face up to if it is to stop the Tories having another overall majority at the next election, but getting rid of Corbyn is a prerequisite for beginning to sort those problems out, nothing can begin until that happens. There are only two types of Corbyn supporters left now. Those who don’t care if Labour never wins another election, and Tories.