A number of our friends in the Twittersphere have asked for evidence of the claim that antisemitic leaflets were being handed out at Labour Party conference this week.

This is a fair enough request. For those who were not at the conference and who are new to the menace of antisemitism currently ravaging our politics, such an idea must sound abhorrent. Its abhorrence need not mask its reality.

As ever, a number of organisations leafleted the conference, both outside and inside the exhibition centre. One such organisation was ‘The Labour Party Marxists.’

Below we reproduce some excerpts from the headline article on one of the organisation’s leaflets. The headline piece, written by Moshé Machover, is entitled, ‘Anti-Zionism does not equal anti-Semitism.’ The sub-heading reads: ‘Progress, the Jewish Labour Movement and the rightwing media have been running a completely cynical campaign.’

We will leave it to others to decide whether the words used on the leaflet are rational, factual and non-racist or not:

The whole campaign of equating opposition to Zionism with anti-Semitism has, in fact, been carefully orchestrated with the help of the Israeli government and the far right in the United States.


And so the Zionists and all their allies decided to launch their ‘Anti-Zionism equals anti-Semitism’ campaign. Accidentally or not, the current Israeli ambassador to London is a certain Mark Regev, who has consistently justified Israel’s crimes.


There is now a coalition between, on the one side, people worried about the rise in support for the Palestinian cause and who would like to discredit the Labour left for that reason; and, on the other, people like that vile blogger, Guido Fawkes … a rightwinger who would do anything to discredit the Labour left.


The point (Ken Livingstone) was making about the Nazi regime and Zionism is basically correct.


We should go onto the offensive and be aggressive: directly attack Zionism.


And you can also attack Zionism precisely because of its collusion and collaboration with anti-Semitism, including up to a point with Nazi Germany.


We should take the site of the Board of Deputies of British Jews – not the current one, but the Board of Deputies 100 years ago!


Anyway, the Zionists made overtures to the Nazi regime, so how did the Nazis respond? Heydrich (Adolf Hitler’s second in command) wrote the following in September 1935: … “National Socialism has no intention of attacking the Jewish people in any way” … In other words, a friendly mention of Zionism, indicating an area of basic agreement it shared with Nazism.


By the way, half of what Ken Livingstone said is not very far from the caricature uttered by Netanyahu in 2016 during an address to delegates at the World Zionist Congress in Jerusalem.


Let me repeat: we must go on the counteroffensive against the current slurs. It is correct to expose Zionism as a movement based on both colonisation and collusion with anti-Semitism. Don’t apologise for saying this. If you throw the sharks bloodied meat, they will only come back for more. At the moment the left is apologising too much, in the hope that the right will let up. They never will.