The Crown Prosecution Service is now looking at the possibility that there are at least 12 Tory marginal constituencies where the Tories broke the law in the 2015 general election. We have the possibility of 12 or more by-elections in marginal seats, coming up soon as/if Tory MPs and agents are jailed. This means that it is imperative that we get rid of Corbyn really quickly.

We could potentially do a number of things if we can win these by elections.

1) Remove the Tories’ overall majority

2) Force the Tories into a desperate alliance with the DUP which would make it much harder for them to spook the voters about a Lab-SNP alliance, which is what happened to Miliband.

3) Put a spoke in the wheel of their hard Brexit/no deal plans and delegitimize the Brexit bill and a whole load of other legislation this government has brought in, including the referendum, with the possibility of a new vote because the last one was flawed and based on a government that should not have been in power

4) Give is plenty of ammo to attack them as the party that is gaming the system/cheating etc.

5) Prevent the boundary changes, or at least use different calculations to determine sizes of constituencies

6) Make Labour look much more electable and like a government in waiting by giving us (sorry to use this word) momentum.

7) Force a general election at a time when the Tories election fraud is fresh in the minds of voters, which would give us a real advantage.

8) If Brexit has to continue we could ensure it was a soft Brexit, a Norway-style solution (which would be tolerable to most Remainers and popular with a large proportion of Leavers).

9) If the A50 negotiations are going badly we could force an election and, in that situation delay Brexit until we can forge a better deal, or even prevent it happening.

The anti-establishment, anti-politics mood in the country now could really work in our favour with the right leader, somsone able to communicate with the electorate, which Corbyn cannot do. Someone able to organize the party properly to get elected, which he also cannot do. Corbyn is the only thing standing in the way of Labour making some real progress and possibly even being in a position to form a government in 2020, or maybe even earlier. He has to go now, the situation has changed from the hopeless, desperate, vain, selfish, pointless charade of Corbynism, to a situation where Labour could actually do something positive and really oppose the dreadful plans and policies of this government. There is potentially power up for grabs right now.

If Labour does not do this, if we fail to take this chance to get rid of the Tories, we will lose even more credibility amongst our potential voters. It is not just of the Labour Party at stake here, it is the future if the United Kingdom. Britain needs a functioning, campaigning Labour Party ready to influence political events rather than simply being a helpless spectator while our country is destroyed by the most right-wing fanatical government ever. This is about resistance, about building a broad coalition of support against the wreckers who threaten all our livelihoods and our freedoms. This is the government that wants to turn the UK into the 51st state under the Trump regime. We now have the power to prevent that from happening, the only thing standing in our way now is Corbyn.

We need to change to respond to this situation, we can’t just wait for Corbyn to get fed up or for McDonnell’s wizard wheezes to fail, he has to go now, he must be forced to go. This has never been a game, but it is more deadly serious now than it has ever been. The only positive thing Corbyn can ever do now is resign. For the sake of the country, the people we seek to represent and the party, go!