Labour Has Forgotten What It Means To Serve The People

Like a footballer who believes he has become too big for the football club he plays for, the Labour Party appears to have decided that it has become too big for the country. The idea is that the new ‘mass movement’ which has flocked to Jeremy Corbyn is so widespread... read more

Labour’s Real Dividing Lines

Much has been made of the factional infighting within Labour these past two years. It is difficult to avoid addressing it, and though this website aims to talk about policies and strategies, rather than personalities and internal politics, the elephant in the room... read more

The Need For Labour To Own Proper Devolution

In his recent article, Sam Stopp highlighted a previous Labour Party policy stance which called for more formal devolution to the regions. It has always confused me that the Labour Party, with its historic commitment to redistribution, never felt to achieve this with... read more

Zionism, Anti-Semitism And The Left

How can political progressives who have dedicated their careers to principled opposition to racism possibly be guilty of anti-Semitism, one of history’s darkest and most ancient forms of discrimination? The Left’s Jewish Problem: Jeremy Corbyn, Israel and... read more

Thanks To Corbyn, The Hard Left’s Days Are Numbered

Saturday 12th September, 2015. The surreal day when Jeremy Corbyn was first elected Labour leader. When he had first announced his candidacy, few had given Corbyn even a glimmer of hope that he would win, including several of his closest supporters. But in the weeks... read more

Who Will Pick Up The Pieces When Corbyn Goes?

Today is April Fool’s Day, and alongside this deep satire of George Osborne’s new fashion line, Georgio, hundreds of Facebook pages were this morning filled with the fake news that Jeremy Corbyn had resigned. In case you were taken in by either of these... read more

Wake Up – Your Mass Movement Is An Illusion

Of all the inane tropes parroted about ‘Corbynism’ (I wince at giving it an ism), perhaps the most infuriating is the idea that the lead protagonist’s woeful performance is secondary to the primary goal of “building the movement.”... read more

Labour Must Mount A Defence Of British Democracy

St Patrick’s Day brought back memories of a business trip to Ireland made decades ago.  Having lost my way on the scenic West Coast I asked for directions.  With the customary effusive conversational enthusiasm that greets most visitors my new friend took a full... read more

We’ve Been Here Before With Metro Mayors

With the Government and three local councils North of the Tyne ready to sign up for a new devolved Combined Authority with an elected mayor, the race for the top job has begun. Top businessman and philanthropist Jeremy Middleton is likely  to throw his hat into the... read more

Blue Labour, Social Democracy And Modernity

Editor’s Note: Alongside Ryan Maynes’s piece about Labour’s need to re-connect with working-class communities, this is a seminal, extraordinarily good Labour Vision piece. Chuka Umunna writes about ‘the political salience of culture and belonging’.... read more