Labour Vision review of Labour Party Conference

We apologise for the delay in publishing this, but conference itself prevented writing time and we are still recovering from the merriment. Unlike some other well-known Labour-supporting blogs, we regretfully do not have a team of paid staff writers. Maybe one day.... read more

Has Labour become a mere cult of personality?

After a unified party conference the Labour Party is framing itself as a legitimate government-in-waiting. And yet the lack of credible dissent against Jeremy Corbyn will not dissuade those who refute the suggestion that Labour is on the cusp of electoral success and... read more

Antisemitism: what’s a non-Jew to do?

Being against most forms of racism gets one a good name on the Left. Being against racism against Jews, not so much. A Labour Party member and non-Jewish anti-antisemite – let’s call her Amanda – recently told me that, for having the temerity to call out this... read more

Ten things to hope for at Labour Party Conference

This year’s Labour Party Conference is to begin in the wake of many things. Brexit. Austerity. Factionalism. Antisemitism. A better-than-expected election performance from Labour. Here are ten things Labour members might hope for when the conference begins this... read more

Labour must speak out on Catalonia

As Catalonia prepares to have a referendum on its independence, Spain has tightened its grip on the democratic process, arresting members of the Catalonian Government and seizing ballot papers and boxes related to the Independence vote. Although Labour is a ‘Unionist’... read more