A new kind of politics – MK2

The line between productive debate and infighting has long been taut enough to draw blood – for some political garroting has been their major preoccupation over the last few months. The vilification of Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters had been hinging not only on the... read more

6 lessons for Labour from the 2017 General Election

1) Progressive alliance in tatters If we needed any clear signs that the so-called Progressive Alliance is a blind alley, last Thursday’s result was the clearest yet. Support for third parties has crumbled to a 40 year low. Labour has now clearly positioned itself as... read more

Dear Jeremy – I owe you an apology

Dear Jeremy, I’m sorry. I was wrong about you. I still have my criticisms, for sure – not least on foreign policy and the need for a crackdown on anti-Semitism – but you are a man of steel and for what you have done, you will have my eternal respect... read more