Labour Vision hosts successful inaugural social

Last week Labour Vision hosted a successful inaugural social. The event brought together many of Labour Vision’s writers and readers in order to discuss the Labour Vision project and the broader future of the Labour Party. Among the attendees were former... read more

Is Labour’s vision a tactic in search of a strategy?

In his magnificent book, Winners: And How They Succeed, Alastair Campbell describes the three components of a winning formula. These are, in order of importance: 1. Objective. 2. Strategy. 3. Tactics. Or, for shorthand, ‘OST.’ Campbell, who knows a thing or two about... read more

Can Labour lead the way on greener cars?

Like most people with a serious interest in tackling climate change, I welcome the move by the UK government to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars from 2040, but to be honest, it looks like typical empty words with a short term vision. It is true to say green cars... read more

Three reasons to be Labour, not Liberal

The news today that UNISON has persuaded the Supreme Court to rule that workplace tribunal fees are unlawful is a victory for the Labour Movement and the mass of people it stands for. Would this victory have come about had technocrats at the top demanded it? Clue: the... read more

What is the point of Labour Vision?

I have been told variously that this website is an ego trip, a more right-wing version of Progress, the worst supplier of hot-takes going (see photo above), a misguided ginger group, an advertisement for craven capitulation, a Blairite conspiracy, a Zionist plot, an... read more