A much-respected Unite activist is launching a bid to join Labour’s ruling National Executive Committee.

Gurinder Singh Josan, vice-chair of Sikhs for Labour, is aiming to become the first ever Sikh elected to the body. He says also that he will stand up the members in the Midlands in the North, whom he claims are currently under-represented by the London-dominated Committee.

“If elected, I would be the first ever Sikh to be elected to Labour’s NEC and would, of course, do my upmost to represent all minority faith communities and BAME members,” he writes in an article for LabourList.

“It is vital that the NEC looks more like the communities we represent and the country we aspire to govern.

“However, there is another kind of diversity that has fallen tragically by the wayside in recent years, and that is the regional diversity of representatives on the NEC. Currently four of the six NEC members elected under the CLP section are from London and the south east. There is not a single representative from any of the five regions in the midlands and north of England. Furthermore, there hasn’t been a CLP representative from the west Midlands since the Partnership in Power reforms of 1997.

“I’m an active part of the Labour and trade union family in the West Midlands. The Labour Party is a national party, we rely on party members across all our regions to form a government and our member representatives on the NEC should reflect that geographical diversity and not be London-dominated.”

Nominations for the NEC race close on November 16.