Activate, the Tory rival to Momentum which was engulfed in a “gassing chavs” scandal this week, appears to have split in two. Welcome to ‘Comrades at War – The Sequel.’

Splitters have set up a new Twitter account at @Our_Conviction, whose bio painfully points out that the organisation bears “no relation at all to¬†.” The Tories doth protest too much methinks.

This is beginning to get embarrassing. Not only has the original website, Activate, been roundly mocked on social media by the very young people it has been trying to win over, but it now appears to be deemed unfit for purpose by members on its own side. So much so that they have gone to the length of establishing a near identical page disassociating themselves from the original.

You would be forgiven for getting the impression that Tories – young, old or otherwise – have so far failed to understand social media. However, @Our_Conviction does seem to have a slightly better grasp of how to use Twitter’s tools than Activate, whose first attempt at a meme was a bizarre picture inserting Jeremy Corbyn’s face into the 1983 Star Wars film, Return of the Jedi. Conviction’s first laboured attempt at attacking Corbyn is here.

It remains to be seen how long it will take for the Conservative Party to distance itself from @Our_Conviction, as it has already done in the case of Activate. You almost feel sorry for these guys. Almost…